Spirit Blast AwardsALSTARZ Cheerleading Academy, Inc (ACA) was established in 2001 in Larose, LA. The company was established as a part-time business to help young athletes in the community to learn, and/or improve their cheerleading and tumbling skills and to prepare them to “tryout” for their school cheerleading teams. The Fall Sessions of 2001 and Spring Sessions of 2002 began ACA’s successful tryout rate in that 97% of students that took lessons at ALSTARZ made their school cheerleading team. ALSTARZ was the only cheerleading/tumbling gym in a tri-parish area and enrollment grew tremendously, so much that in a one year span, training space went from a 25’X 25’ work space to a much needed 40’X 70’ training space. It was the vision of the President of the company to begin a competitive cheerleading team to allow the young people to experience the “cheerleading world” outside of “school” cheerleading across the country. The idea behind a competitive gym is to invite talent from the surrounding schools or communities to formulate a competitive team for your area. The part time business soon evolved into a full-time business when home school students, private lessons and more competitive teams became a demand. ACA began offering summer recreational classes and Summer Camps to school teams to prepare them for their football and basketball seasons which also increased enrollment.

In 2009 and 2013, ACA was invited to participate in the Pan Pacific Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii.   It was a great experience and we hope to continue to introduce the athletes to new experiences.

In the fall of 2013, ACA began a Special Needs Program. This program has allowed athletes with Special Needs to learn the basic skills of cheerleading, tumbling, and working as a team. This Special Needs team is able to travel to competitions with the other competition teams and take their place on the mat as well. There is a Special Needs Category at each competition and it allows students to accomplish goals that they may not have been able to accomplish outside of the gym.

Our team members have learned important life lessons, such as working as a team, trusting team members, learning how to win graciously, learning to lose graciously, learning that winning does not always mean coming in 1st place, learning that the team will not always win. The athletes are able to use the valuable lessons on and off the mat. Our gym is faith based and learning and memorizing scriptures that back up what they are learning helps to build their confidence level tremendously.  We do our best to hold true to our motto, “where you learn more than just skill”!