Terms and Conditions

On Behalf of the family at ALSTARZ Cheerleading Academy, Inc. we would like to welcome you and your family to be a part of our existing family. ALSTARZ is in its 12th year of existence with teaching young people the basics of cheerleading, tumbling, good moral values and the ingredients of becoming a true athlete. We pride ourselves on the scripture “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path proverbs 3:5-6”. Our ALSTARZ family is dedicated to helping young ones to become better athletes and as a result they will become better people.

Our staff at ALSTARZ is a well diverse staff with over 40 years of combined experience. Each staffer is CPR and USASF certified or in training. Our staff is committed to giving our 100% to educate our athletes regarding the sport. We strive on instilling discipline and good work ethic in order to promote top quality athletes.

We offer cheer camps to existing squads to help prepare them to properly cheer on and motivate their teams. Cheers, Dance, Sidelines, Stunts/Pyramids, Team Building are just a few things that we incorporate in our classes. Individual and Team Choreography is available to teams and individuals for competition or just for special school functions. We also sell cheerleader uniforms and cheer accessories.

We invite you to take part in your athlete’s time here at ALSTARZ! You are welcome to stay and watch your athlete while he/she is training; however, we encourage you to drop off your athlete. Family members must watch from the parent waiting room and no where else. We will NOT tolerate anyone trying to get an athlete’s attention during practice. Please refrain from any negative conversations about an athlete or anyone else while in the parent room or while visiting ALSTARZ. If at any time you would like to speak to an instructor, please wait until after class or make an appointment in the office. We ask that you encourage one another and congratulate all athletes as they strive to reach their goals.


Please make every effort to have your athlete attend class. There will be NO MAKE-UP for unattended classes. A make up class will only be scheduled if a class is cancelled by ALSTARZ.


Your financial commitment is also essential in the success of our program. Payment plans have been established and please recognize that in order for the program to run successfully, we need payments in a timely matter. Also, understand that you are responsible for your financial commitment for the entire session even if you choose to terminate your membership. We intend to complete our commitment of services and we expect you to fulfill your financial obligation as well.


ACA will enforce discipline and strong work ethic. Positive Attitudes towards coaches, parents and team members is EXPECTED. Negative attitudes will NOT be TOLERATED and discipline action will be taken. An explanation of rules and consequences will be given to each athlete the first day of classes .


We communicate through E-mail. Please ensure that you have a current email on file so that you can receive weekly updates. Also like us on facebook & instagram for updates and lastly, you will find the latest updates on our calendar located on our website www.alstarzacademy.com.


We are strong believers in our Lord, Jesus Christ and we do NOT shy away from him. We do encourage prayer and teach by scripture.

We thank you again for the opportunity to work with your athlete and once again
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Tony and Crystal Green