Summer Camp

Summer Camp

We offer several Summer Camps that are sure fit what it is you are looking for! Snacks will be provided and we must have a minimum of 5 students.

This camp is designed for young girls to learn the essentials of becoming a DIVA, (Dedicated, Individual with Values & Attributes). This camp helps to build self esteem even in the way you walk. A snack will be provided

This camp is designed to teach/or perfect cheer, tumble, & stunt techniques. A snack will be provided

This camp is designed to teach &/or perfect dance techniques for a variety of styles. A snack will be provided.

3 Day Tumble Boot Camp
This camp is held for those who are serious about tumble. A minimum of 15 hours of tumbling is sure to have you on your way to mastering the skill of your choice.

College Day Cheer Camp
Spend the day with local college cheerleaders as they not only teach and perfect skills, but shares quality information and tips on what college has to offer.