Recreational Classes

For boys and girls, potty trained on up

Pee Wee Tumbling

Learning body positions, strength building in a fun environment. Basic rolls and hand stand will be taught

Beginner Tumbling

Beginner Tumbling where athletes are learning body strength and control and tumbling technique.  Forward Rolls, back bends, and cartwheels will be taught.

Intermediate Tumbling

Intermediate Tumbling where perfection of beginner skills and athletes who have mastered standing back bends and who are ready to learn and/or perfect roundoffs, limbers, kick over/walkovers.

Advanced Tumbling

Advanced Tumbling where athletes who have mastered walkovers and who are ready to learn or perfect handsprings and front tumbling.

Elite Tumbling

Advanced tumbling for athletes who have mastered series-standing and running handsprings and ready to move to the next level.

Tryout Cheer Class

For those athletes preparing for their school team tryouts.  This includes perfection of tumbling.

Cheer Tumble Class

For those interested in learning the basics of cheerleading.  Motion, jumps and spiriting techniques will be taught.  This includes perfection of tumbling.

Boys Tumbling

This class is for boys who wish to learn or perfect tumbling skills in the early stages.

Stunt Class

For those athletes learning and perfecting flyer and/or base skills.  Learning to stretch and perfect body positions.